The Beach House Center for Wellness

The Beach House Center was developed to address a void in recovery and allow patients to achieve, sustain and continue growth while simultaneously reinforcing their overall wellbeing. As the first high-end outpatient treatment center specifically dedicated to treating addiction, trauma, and codependency, The Beach House Center for Wellness is the optimal choice for people in early recovery, to compliment and reinforce their transition from residential treatment or individuals who have schedules that prohibit them from attending an inpatient program. The Beach House Center for Wellness has a caring and devoted staff that provides a bespoke treatment plan, individually tailored to best suit the patient under their care. Programs vary but may include one or more of the most successful support groups and systems available, including 12-step as well as non-spiritual options.

We welcome every client with a clinical interview, which includes a biopsychosocial multidimensional assessment. Specific clinical interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Techniques (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Protocols (MBRP) and Somatic Experiencing (SE) as well as experiential, art and music therapy. Beach House Center for Wellness believes family therapy is crucial. Therefore all clients have access to a full family program, which includes a confidential assessment of the familial dynamic, identifying conditions and causes that may have contributed to their current situation. To help repair the family dynamic we often invite loved ones to participate in some of this work.

All clients receive individualized treatment plans specifically tailored to their needs, schedule, and history, which are assessed and modified as clients grow in their recovery and establish new goals and changing needs. They have access to small groups and individual therapy sessions as well as experiential activities including meditation, hiking, equine therapy and yoga classes with Eastern Wellness expert Elisa Jae and Joanna Basile the creator of Basile Yoga, which incorporates recovery, mindfulness, music and essential oils with a traditional yoga practice.

Therapists and group sessions are available mornings, nights and weekends, but can be modified to accommodate and compliment professionals with demanding schedules. Additional offerings include case management and continuing care recommendations.

Our Commitment

Clients who choose The Beach House Center for wellness are embarking a long-term, sustainable process of recovery. We will not only provide the highest quality of care to our clients but upon completion of the program, we commit to providing life-long support and assistance whenever the need arises.

We value each and every client and understand that the real work begins when clients take their newly found recovery skills into the next phase of their journey.

Our Process

Our process is simple: Deliver exceptional customized care based on the clinical needs of each client.


Repairing the brain and healing the mind. Re-establishing brain health is essential to successful recovery.


Medical assessment, physical fitness and nutritional guidance to support the health and healing of the body.


A variety of spiritual traditions, 12-Step programs, and mindfulness approaches are vital aspects of the healing process.