Our Mission

Our mission is to continually elevate the standard of upscale transitional living. The Beach House Treatment’s Indigo Ranch Retreat is an upscale sober environment, that allows its clients a safe, serene and conducive place to continue growth. Indigo ranch

We know that clients who have achieved great success in their lives will want to achieve great success in their recovery as well. We are passionate about providing everything a client needs to ensure success. Individuals with worldly and diverse life experiences can expect a treatment environment that is outstanding clinically and is situated in a private and luxurious setting.

We understand the biopsychosocial disease of addiction. With extensive experience in premium healthcare services, we know the steps that lead to optimal outcomes. Personalized treatment care plans for executives, athletes and entertainers who might otherwise face challenges at larger centers will find our flexible and adaptive approach a great benefit.

Our Commitment

Clients who choose The Beach House Treatment Intensives are embarking a long-term, sustainable process of recovery. We will not only provide the highest quality of care to our clients, but upon completion of the program, we commit to providing life-long support and assistance whenever the need arises.

We value each and every client and understand that the real work begins when clients take their newly found recovery skills into the next phase of their journey.

Our Process

Our process is simple: Deliver customized care based on the clinical needs of each client.

The Residence

Repairing the brain and healing the mind. Re-establishing brain health is essential to successful recovery.


Located on 7+ acres in pristine Malibu hosts breathtaking beaches. Inland, trails weave through canyons, waterfalls, and grasslands in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Property Amenities

Our expansive retreat hosts a variety of amenities to not only ensure our client’s comfort but also provides them a serene and safe environment.

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Department of Health Care Services
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