Kimberly Gale James

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kimberly is a nationally accomplished behavioral health care professional with practical training and expertise in Operations, Business Development and Administration. In addition to her own consulting business, Sober Solutions, she has held senior-level executive positions for nationally known chemical dependency providers. These include Cliffside Malibu, Director of Business Development; Summit Centers, Director of Admissions & Business Development; Cirque Lodge, National Director of Business Development and Passages Malibu, Director of Admissions & Business Development. Kimberly offers daily support and guidance to residents, their families and referents.

Charles Bentz, CPA

Co-Owner and CFO

Charles is the co-founder and owner of The Beach House Treatment Centers. Charles graduated from Villanova University with a BS in Accounting. Additionally, he began his professional finance career in New Jersey at Deloitte. He worked as an executive on Wall Street for over two decades, most notably at BlackRock, Inc. and Prudential Securities. Charles co-founded Malibu Beach Sober Living in 2008.

He has been trained as an interventionist by Ken Seeley, John Southworth, Jane Mintz, Dr. Judith Landau, Bill Maher, Dr. Jim Tracy and Jean Campbell. Charles has also participated in the UCLA Certified Addiction and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC) Program.  He has been sober since 2001 and has mentored numerous individuals in recovery. He continues to work as a consultant in the financial services industry.

Dr. Mandy Neeble-Diamond , PsyD

Executive Director of Psychological Services and Clinical Care

Dr. Mandy Neeble-Diamond is a licensed Clinical Forensic Psychologist and prides herself on being a hands-on leader. Dr. Mandy draws upon her extensive background as a Psychologist, providing individual therapy, group therapy, crisis counseling, forensic evaluations and diagnostic testing.

Dr. Mandy’s unique background includes a strong forensic basis having worked at Twin Towers County Jail in Los Angeles, Chino State Prison, and California Youth Authority. Dr. Mandy worked with the severely mentally ill, violent offenders, and the incompetent to stand trial program. In addition, she has worked closely with the Los Angeles and Orange county court systems, providing diagnostic testing for defendants.

Dr. Mandy specializes in substance-abuse, dual-diagnosis clients (specifically those who suffer from bi-polar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, and/or anxiety disorders while also qualifying for a diagnosis of alcohol dependence and/or a specific drug of choice or poly-substance abuse). Dr. Mandy has worked within the substance abuse field for over thirteen years. She has worked as Clinical Director of multiple facilities and has designed dozens of programs to help clients and their families heal.

She received a degree in Psychology at Chapman University and completed her graduate work, a doctorate of clinical psychology (Psy.D.) with a concentration in forensics, at Argosy University, an institution accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. Mandy has twins (boy and girl) which are her pride and joy.

James McNinch MSW, ACSW

Director of Outpatient Services

James McNinch earned his master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. There he researched the origins of traumatic stress related to childhood attachment style as a Fulbright Scholar Candidate. James holds an associate clinical license, is trained in evidence-based treatment modalities by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and has received training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma therapy.

James brings extensive experience in the field of addiction and mental health in his role as a Program Manager at our Malibu Intensive Outpatient Program IOP.

James began his career working for a recovery-based publications company and by serving as a peer counselor for two well-known treatment facilities in Arizona. He later worked as a crisis interventionist and social worker at the University of Arizona Medical Center. His clinical skills include substance abuse intervention, psychoanalysis, ACT, CBT, trauma exposure, narrative therapy, family sculpting, regressive therapies and facilitation of DBT groups, and working with clients on issues related to dual diagnosis, process and chemical addictions, and family systems therapy.

Dr. Rick Campa

Medical Director

Rick S. Campa, M.D., is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. He trained in family medicine and served as chief resident at the Reading Hospital in Reading, PA.

Dr. Campa has been practicing since 2013 in the field of family and addiction medicine. Dr. Campa’s practice specializes in the detox from chemical dependencies and care of eating disorders.

Dr. Campa received the Exceptional Teacher Award and Exceptional Role Model Award during his year as chief resident at the Reading Hospital.

Dr. Campa is board a certified in family medicine and is a licensed physician in the state of CA.

Rachel Rainne, LMFT

Primary Therapist

Rainne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working in the psychology field providing counseling, life coaching, and therapy since 2003. Rainne did her undergraduate studies in Colorado at Regis University and double majored in Sociology and Criminal Justice with a Bachelor of Arts. Rainne received her M.A. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth and her other M.A. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics. Rainne utilizes a variety of methodologies including dream work, Jungian methodologies, art therapy, movement work, imaginal, archetypal, and ecotherapy. She has experience with and specializes in addiction, trauma, adoption, and soul loss. Rainne works on helping others heal from endured traumas, address relationship issues including a connection to self/other/environment/soul, attachment issues especially adoption, substances, discover one’s life purpose, and establish a way of being in the world. Rainne helps people to discover themselves by working with one’s strengths and identifying one’s character defects–Rainne inspires curiosity about oneself and to gain clarity about what one wants out of life and from their relationships. Rainne works through soul to help others to trust, love, and accept themselves.Working from an intuitive approach, Rainne connects deeply with clients and helps one learn to be free from suffering in their journey. Rainne helps our clients with being seen by assisting in the healing of their wounds and fighting their addictions. Clients can learn how to operate from a place free of suffering, shame, and bondage.

Chris Wilson

Creative Arts Director

Chris is a Creativity Coach who specializes in helping people access or reaccess their creativity which supports not only their sobriety but every part of their lives. Chris is an award-winning film composer, singer/songwriter, painter/artist with a regular clientele and landscape architect. He also has over 25 years in the culinary arts as an Executive Chef and has owned and operated his own restaurants.

Chris has also been working in and servicing the sober community for over 10 years.

“My goal is to work with all beach house and sober living clients to help them achieve creative outlets that will empower them in their recovery and make the transition back into life a more effortless process – I understand that art is a way to speak with your soul” – Chris Wilson

Chris Harmon

Chief Operating Officer

As a successful alum of Malibu Beach Sober Living in 2008, Chris volunteered at The Beach House Malibu while attending university at Loyola Marymount, specializing in Chemical Dependency studies. Inspired by his natural ability to connect with those suffering from addiction and guiding them into recovery, he made a career change. He became a full-time staff member and one of the most cherished members of our Executive team.

Chris has worked at a Computer Engineer for Horizon West Health Care. In addition, he has built technology systems that have supported us growing into a world-class team.